Minimum qualifying criteria

One million annual turnover

6 - 12 Months trading

Loans up to 24 months


Why use us?

We have partnered with a number of lenders in South Africa and are able to present you with a number of suitable financing options at the lowest rate.

Our service are free of charge. Our proprietary backend and matching allocation algorithms have been built from the ground up to do the hard work for you.

Choosing a loan

Choose a fund that is suitable for your business needs:

Merchant Cash Advance

‘For businesses that transact using credit card facilities’

  • You will be charged a percentage on your future daily credit card sales
  • These remittances are drawn from your credit card purchases on a daily basis until full repayment is completed
  • You have approximately R30 000 in card sales per month
  • You have fluctuating daily sales


  • Easy application process
  • Advance is paid into your bank account
  • No security is required
Business Loan

‘For businesses that that need capital’

  • You need access to cash for your business
  • You prefer a structured repayment
  • Business needs to be operational for a certain period of time


  • Run your business independently
  • Usually flexible
  • Interest rates are reasonable
  • Advance is paid into your bank account
  • No security is required
  • If funds are used correctly it results in business growth


How it works

The process:

1. Complete and submit application – select your preferred lender
2. Funding LIV will pass your info to the lender/ lenders you have selected
3. Lender will contact you for any additional information and documentation
4. Receive pay out (provided everything is in order)

How much does it cost:

Funding LIV does not charge you anything. We take a commission from the lender on successful completion of your application.


Funding LIV have partnered with lenders. We will match you with the most appropriate lenders according to the information you provide us. Our partners have also provided us with their funding criteria so we are able to identify the most appropriate lenders to ensure that your needs are met.

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